In these days where Milk Tea brands are slowly invading the Philippines, it’s quite hard to really cope up with the competition. Especially when milk tea shops are everywhere and you can always find one wherever you go. But there is this new brand in the country that will give you that milk tea chills with a twist🤩.

ctto Hui Lau Shan PH

Hui Lau Shan PH is a globally-known dessert and refreshment brand, that originated in Hongkong known for their mango creations that features carabao mangoes from the Philippines #PHMangoPride  and now available all over the world, with over 300+ stores internationally – China, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Canada, Taiwan, Paris, Vietnam and, Melbourne.

And has now finally come home to the Philippines. 

But aside from their mango creations, Hui Lau Shan PH will soon introduce their new line of products in the market. The Brown Sugar Milk series and the Milk Tea series. 

The Brown Sugar Milk series including 5 different flavors:

🥤Mango Milk

🥤Banana Milk

🥤Melon Milk (Must Try!)

🥤Milk Tea

🥤Good ‘ol Milk

Brown Sugar Milk Series Hui Lau Shan PH

The Milk Tea series also with 5 different flavors plus the plain milk tea:

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mango Pudding & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Aloe Jelly & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mini Chewy Balls & Sago

🥛Milk Tea w/ Mango Jelly & Sago

🥛Plain/Original Milk Tea (No Pearls, No Jelly just pure milk tea😉)

Milk Tea Series Hui Lau Shan PH

I can see how excited you are to try this new milk tea variants🤤🤤🤤, but seriously, who hasn’t been hooked with the milk tea crazed today🤔? Honestly, TeamRyCe almost tried different brands of milk tea already, we even had this chapter in our lives that we have to go to the mall every day just to line up for a milk tea, which is as in every day!!!. That’s how hooked we were before, and then suddenly it felt like it has all been the same😥.

But guess what? There’s this milk tea brand that Will Stand Out from the rest. If you think you’ve tasted or tried all the milk tea brands already and all having the same content and taste, then think again. Hui Lau Shan PH milk and milk tea series have already arrived and they will be the game-changer for milk teas. If you think it’s the same milk tea with boba pearls in it, I’ve told you already think again! Because Hui Lau Shan PH uses glutinous rice balls (glutinous rice balls are the same with the “bilo bilo” we had in one of our Pinoy favorite merienda Ginataang bilo-bilo, or if you’re not familiar with that, then it’s like the Mochi (rice cake). Something new right?

Imagine how chewy that can be?

But you have to watch out before you drink and take your first sip of their Brown Sugar milk series make sure that you do STIR FIRST, so you won’t be overwhelmed with the sugar overload at your first sip😉

And speaking of mochi, aside from different varieties of drinks Hui Lau Shan PH offers. They also have different varieties of desserts and snacks all handmade and made with love. Below is one of their handmade snacks, the Mango Mochi, this is sooo fulfilling.

ctto Hui Lau Shan PH

I know you’ve been dying to know when the new series be out in the PH market? Right!


🔜Starting October 18, 2019 the Brown Sugar Milk series and the Milk Tea series will be available in ALL Hui Lau Shan PH branches all over the metro.

ctto Hui Lau Shan PH

For those in the North area, you can drop by at 3rd Level of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. 

But before you run to the nearest Hui Lau Shan PH branches, I’ve got exciting news for you👇.

ctto Hui Lau Shan PH
ctto Hui Lau Shan PH

Yes! Buy 1 Take 1 for the new series in all Hui Lau Shan PH branches nationwide from October 18 – 20, 2019.

It’s always nice discovering something new and moving out of your comfort zone, especially if that new discovery will bring you your #BIGSMILEEVERYDAY.

See you all this weekend! 😀😀😀