We’re a family of a milk tea fan, and we’ve almost tried the cheapest to the most expensive and to the bland to the creamiest and the best milk tea in town.  Discovering new varieties and brands always excite us especially if they have more to offer than usual.

Recently, we have been invited to a foodie meet-up from a brand that has already established its name in the country – The Bon Appetea, their newest branch has opened at YDG Bldg. 219 Katipunan Ave. Extension, Brgy. Milagrosa Quezon City 🇵🇭.

Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan

Food. Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan offers not just milk teas, they have NINER Bowls (Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan own version of rice meals), Fruit Teas, Waffle, Frappes, Foam Drinks, Fries, Nachos and Coffee. I was surprised when we were told that they don’t just offer milk tea at Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan, since it was my first time at a Bon Appetea branch. They have a great list of food products for everyone to enjoy, but aside from serving a great tasting food, they also serve much healthier alternatives for all, like for their eggs, they only used organic free-range eggs. And I have to tell you! Their omelets are so damn good!

Penne & Cheese, 119 #BESTSELLER #MYFAVE
Spanish Style Sardines Omelette, 140 #BESTSELLER
Chicken Yakitori, 139 #BESTSELLER


Longganisa Niner Bowl
Sirloin Tapa
Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich, 65 #BESTSELLER
Sampler Platter, #BESTSELLER

The Milk Tea Tower Session. 
Aside from awesome good food being served at Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan they also offer a Party like no other – The Milk Tea Tower Session. Where a family or group of friends can enjoy a milk tea party while having a chance to create their own milk tea having to choose their own sinkers, with additional Nachos or Flavored Fries of your choice. The Milk Tea Tower Session is available in sessions to choose from:


1 Nirvana Milktea Tower,

Black Pearl, Coffee Jelly, Egg Pudding,

Large Fries: Cheese, BBQ or Sour Cream.


1 Nirvana Milktea Tower,

Black Pearl, Coffee Jelly, Egg Pudding,

Cheesy Meaty Nachos.

Cheesy Meaty Nachos, 140 #BESTSELLER

Both sessions are good for 5-6 persons approximately, but when we had our Milk Tea party with my foodie friends we were 8 and we weren’t able to finish the whole tower while others have drunk 2 cups from it. So it is really good for big groups and for just 549 you can already treat your family and friends for a Milktea Party🍻.

Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan

Place and Location: Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan is conveniently located at Katipunan extension, a lot less crowded place than those in Katipunan proper in front of Ateneo. So you’ll have a good time here not worrying about seeing the traffic outside 😅😅😅. Plus they have ample parking space in front and at the lower ground level of the building.

The cafe itself is HUGE and can accommodate up to 70 persons. And since the place is quite HUGE they are accepting celebrations at their place, you can book them for meetings, parties or just a simple get-together.

The ambiance is relaxing and once you entered the place you will feel light or relieved of any troubles you’ve had for a day.

Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan
Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan 
Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan

One more reason that makes Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan a must-visit place is because they are a pet-friendly cafe so you don’t need to worry about your lovable pets ’cause you can actually bring them here.

CTTO: Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan FB page, ambassadog  @shae_thedachshund

People. Aside from the fact that Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan tries to serve organic and healthier food for everyone, they also help Gawad Kalinga (Gawad Kalinga (GK) (“to give care” in Tagalog) is a Philippine poverty alleviation and nation-building movement known officially as the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation.) kids and families, for the reason that, their staff, crews, and the people that will serve you here are all from Gawad Kalinga.

One reason why we at TeamRyce keeps on coming back to brands we love is because of the people, not just the brand itself, ’cause without the brand’s support system it will be just like a house without foundation. So again, Kudos to Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan team.



To know more about Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan follow their Social Media accounts👇:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bonmilagrosakatipunan/

Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/bonappeteakatipunan/

open Daily, check out their Store Hours👇

Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan

🕰️Mon-Sun: 7AM – 1AM

📌YDG Bldg. 219 Katipunan Ave. Extension, Brgy. Milagrosa Quezon City 🇵🇭

☎️0921 3750793

☎0956 6988500

☎02 82879850

🛵And you can also have your favorite Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan goodies delivered right at your doorsteps thru @lalamoveph.


Food: 💚💚💚💚💚

Variety: 💚💚💚💚💚


Ambiance: 💚💚💚💚💚

Service: 💚💚💚💚💚

Overall Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan in Quezon City got an overall rating of 💚💚💚💚💚.

All the while I thought it was the usual milk tea places conquering Metro Manila. But I was wrong all along, now I know Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan is your One-Stop-Shop Cafe. Let me enumerate the reasons for you👇:

  • The food was good, actually, it’s great and they have a lot to offer from their menu.
  • They don’t just focus on milk teas or drinks, they already knew what is missing in a lot of milk tea stores around the metro and the fulfill that.
  • You’ll get the value for your money here because aside from the fact that their food was great it’s affordable too and their serving size was big enough to feed a hungry stomach.
  • They have a huge place, good enough for big groups.
  • And their people were superb! From the owner to the crew and everyone that completes the family of Bon Appetea Milagrosa Katipunan, this is the place you’ll come back not just because of what they offer but more because of the people.