Probably you may ask why now? Why just now? Well before, I really don’t have extra time to sit and spend time writing, even though this is my passion. Maybe because I was too occupied from work to family or simply I just can’t manage my time well .

Why am I still writing about a trip that has happened almost 5 years ago? First, because I don’t want to forget the experience. Second, because I never forget the experience. And the most important reason of all is because I and We (my family) fell in love with the place and we want to share the experience and the way we felt the first time we’ve visited and explore Bolinao Pangasinan.❤

It was January of 2012 when I’ve heard of Bolinao Pangasinan, it was featured in a couple of travel programs and was even featured in news programs like TV Patrol and 24Oras. There, I saw that the place was beautiful and that makes us decide to plan it for that year’s annual bonus in March.

I’ve started searching for the place from Youtube to Blog sites. And that is where I saw Bing’s Beach resort in Bolinao. Most of the blogs I’ve read about it says that it was the one, if not the most affordable resort in Bolinao who offers room accommodations. I’ve got the resort’s number in one of the blogs and luckily the number is still working and good thing they’ve allowed us to have a reservation without any deposit.

Here comes March 15 of 2012, we’ve packed our things and headed to Victory Liner where we ride the bus going to Bolinao. We’ve arrived at Victory Liner in Cubao past 12pm, we don’t have any reservations since it was our family’s first time to travel in a new place (except Baguio of course where my husband’s older sister resided) and we didn’t know where are we going exactly, since the place is a not a well-known tourist spot yet that time. We didn’t expect that there’s only a limited number of buses traveling to Bolinao so we have to wait I guess until 3pm or so for the next bus to leave for Bolinao. So if you’re commuting and would travel to Bolinao, make sure to know the schedule of the bus departure or better yet buy tickets in advance to have a reservation.


We’ve arrived in Bolinao around 10pm, though we thought it would only take us 4hrs as per blogs I have read, it actually took more or less 6hrs for us, felt like you’ve traveled to Baguio already. It was really dark and us being in a new place without anyone we know was a frightening thought already. But we’re lucky enough that the people in Bolinao Pangasinan as the typical Pilipino, are very accommodating and helpful.

We rode a tricycle from the Bus terminal since the tricycle are already lined up on the terminal upon the Bus arrival. Kuya tricycle driver was so kind and really accommodating, sad that I’ve already forgotten his name and lost his number from our old phone☹.

It is a bumpy road going to Bing’s resort and since it was already dark my husband is a bit worried since our 3 yrs old Erky was with us. But luckily we arrived at Bing’s resort safely. We’ve paid Kuya Driver 150 pesos for the one-way ride. You may think that was way too expensive for a one-way tricycle ride, well try for yourself to experience why. It was late, dark the road was bumpy, and it was more than a couple of kilometers away from the town proper, 13.3kms as per google map.

Upon arrival at Bing’s Beach Resort, the staffs welcome us cheerfully. Just before we got off from the tricycle they were already patiently waiting for us. Felt like we just arrived from the airport 😄. After they lead us to our beachfront room (which we’ve requested). The first thing my husband asks is if there’s as resto where we can eat since we’re already hungry from afar and long ride. Sadly they don’t have a resto or even a canteen but they can cook your requested food. I wanted seafood but my husband didn’t like to eat seafood at that time instead he requested for Liempo. I have to commend that their rice was really good! It’s like the rice normally used for Maki.

Food served at Bing’s Beach resort (outside our room)

Btw, let me clear that their beachfront rooms were not really beach front, but it was actually beachside. Not too far away from the beach, you will have to walk a couple of steps to reach the seashore.

our first night in our room @ Bing’s Beach Resort
the 2nd double bed in our room

Our room only costs 1500 pesos (30 USD) only. You will have everything below for that affordable price.

Own bathroom

1 queen size bed

1 double bed

Air condition

a side table

clean and comfy bed linens

and of course, your privacy

Our first morning at Bing’s Beach Resort:

veranda outside our room
2 story building of Bing’s near the beach
staircase going to the beach
Beachfront @ Bing’s Beach Resort

The Beach

Clear seawater of Bolinao that I can even see my blue nail polish ☺

What we’ve noticed with the seashore of Bing’s Beach resort is that it is not well maintained, or it just happened that we were too early for summer that they don’t mind cleaning the shore at that time. If you will walk on the shore you should wear your slippers or else, I swear! “matitinik kayo“.

I’m not sure where those thorns came from, it was somewhat like “walis tingting”.

But I am still hoping that only because we came too early for summer, and we came too soon that they didn’t have enough time to prepare.

the waves, the sea, the shore, and the shokoy haha peace B 😘
cluttered shore 😑
father and son moment with the breathtaking shorelines of Bolinao💕💕💕


Well, all in all, the experience is good with Bing’s Beach resort.

The staffs were friendly and accommodating.

They wholeheartedly provided all our requests.

The rooms are clean and relaxing.

It’s definitely worth our money.

Weak points are:

cluttered seashore

in the bathroom; you will have to rinse yourself with seawater as well.

If you’ll ask me if we’ll come back again for Bing’s beach resort, well definitely YES! Because:

The experience was good.

I still believe that they can offer more.

And especially because I am more on a budget-friendly trip.

To contact Bing’s Beach resort, see the details on this picture below. (I’m not quite sure if they still have the same contact number, but will update you when we go back in Bolinao soon 😉)

True to their promise, MURA NA, GOOD SERVICE PA. 

Visit Bolinao Pangasinan this summer and try Bing’s Beach Resort for a budget-friendly and stress-free out of town experience. 🚣☀⛅☀☀☀