Just recently husband was caught for a traffic violation in Manila, and as we all know Yorme Isko Moreno Domagoso has been strict with his people whether it be a simple or complex violation and even if my husband was penalized still Salute to Mayor!

And since the traffic was superb in Manila when we were scheduled to get my #DaddyChefMon’s driver’s license, and there’s no available parking space in SM Manila that time (SM Manila you should work on your parking area, please🙏. Before we get to the review of our Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS, just like to share what we did this day because SM Manila doesn’t have available parking. We have to go up to Quiapo Manila and parked at the QQ Mall near Isetann Mall just to have more decent and safe parking. And let me just share, QQ Mall have I think the best and biggest parking lot near this area, and their parking space is clean as well. Kudos QQ Mall!

So here it is, what has been our experience at Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS – SM Manila.

We’re not really a fan of Chicken Wings, to be honest whenever we eat out and ordered for a fried chicken we always ask for a breast, thigh or rib part, No leg and WING part, please. But because we are too hungry at that time and we find this place not really crowded, we decided to try it out. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.)

Food and Serving size. As mentioned we’re not really a fan of chicken wings, but I think this is where my husband started craving for it, that he even has it on delivery! For a couple of times already. Because of super hunger, we decided to give it a try. We’ve ordered the Triple Sampler, 12 pieces of chicken wings in 3 sauces. We’ve tried their best seller sauce, as recommended by their crew, we’ve had New York’s Finest, Honey BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan. Below is the Expectation vs Reality photos. Oh but please forgive our actual photo as all our Oppo phones were dead batt at that time. So we have no choice but to at least take a decent photo. The size is just right not too big not too small, but I’m wondering whether they’ve had a smaller serving plate on their photos or the one served to us have a bigger serving plate that’s why it seems to have blank space on our actual photo, that’s for you to decide. For the rice, they have a big serving for one cup and their rice is good! We also had 3 iced tea along with our meal which we’ve added together with 3 servings of rice.

Taste. As for the yumminess of their food starting from the rice first, as mentioned their rice is really good. It’s soft and delicious plus they’ve garnished it (I’m not sure) parsley. The Iced tea was Ok, not sure if it’s house blend or something special because of it tasting like the usual Iced tea I’m buying on sachets, but it’s good. For the wings, my favorite will be the Garlic Parmesan, while for #DaddyChefMon it will be the New York’s Finest, for our #ZekydGreat he loves the Honey BBQ.

I love how the garlicky flavor of the Garlic Parmesan was made, I really love garlic and everything with a pinch of garlic I always try, so I will know if a portion of food really gets that garlicky taste or not. It really tastes like garlic but how it complemented with the Parmesan is such a good combination, though I wish they could it more cheesy. ‘Cause it’s garlicky but the Parmesan may be a bit insufficient compared with the amount of garlic that I can taste. (that is what I keep on telling on our video which will be uploaded on our Youtube Channel soon), I felt like or it tastes like something is missing☹.

With New York’s Finest, hubby is craving for something spicy that he really wanted to know the tastes of Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS spiciest wings which are the ULTIMATE WINGSANITY. But since for ALL our first time, we always opt for the resto’s bestsellers, and what Ate crew suggested was the New York’s Finest which is one of their bestsellers (oh and btw, all the 3 sauces we’ve choose was said to be their bestsellers). I am also a fan of spicy foods, but honestly and even hubby said this is not spicy at all, there’s just that kick but you won’t get sweaty eating this, but wait there’s more! Even though we didn’t get that spicy kick Hubby is looking for New York’s Finest still deserved to be part of their bestseller. The right spiciness was good at all, even kids will enjoy it, the deliciousness was on the right track. So yes we loved New York’s Finest. 

For the last on their bestsellers list that we choose was the Honey BBQ sauce. This variant is loved by my 2 sons, we even ordered for delivery a couple of times via Lalafood, because they loved the sweet taste, while me and my husband loved the smoky flavor of this one.

For the food, we’d give ❤❤❤❤.

ctto Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things
actual photo from our phone

Price. The Triple Sampler (12 wings in 3 sauces) cost 388 Php and we’ve added 144 Php for 3 rice and 3 Iced tea. We’d say the price is just right with the servings and the taste. But it would have been better if I find what is missing in the taste of the chicken. Don’t get me wrong, the sauces are good but still I feel something is missing in the chicken wings itself. I felt like it could give more if only given a chance. It could attract more buyers if they’ll also focus on what’s inside the chicken and not just the sauce. And there’s always room for improvement. And we’d be happy to visit them again in the future.

For the price, value for the money we’d give ❤❤❤.

Place. Their space was normal and could seat around 50 – 60 persons. A couple of neat tables and chairs, and they have a couch which we love because we’re always looking for a couch where our kids can seat comfortably. The place is clean as well and the AC works well, and thank goodness they’ve had a cool AC since we walked from Manila City Hall to SM City Manila and waited for so long for my husband’s driver’s license, can you just imagine how exhausted we were that day,

For the Price, we’d give ❤❤❤.

Overall, Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS in SM Manila got an average of ❤❤.

We enjoyed our first wings experience at Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS in SM City Manila, and without having this experienced I don’t think hubby would be craving chicken wings until now and a few more post on different chicken wings resto will be coming out soon from #TeamRyCe.

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You can find Buffalo’s WINGS N’ THINGS at the Lower Ground Floor, SM City Manila, Ermita, Manila.