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Cre8 Salon Zabarte Branch

For us women, hair is our crowning glory. And it is essential that we take good care of our hair and one way of taking care of our it is thru our visit to the salon. In me and my husband’s case, it can be a once a month visit, and yes you got it right, my HUSBAND, actually, my husband can be a frequent guest to the salon than me. I can just have a haircut on our visit but he will have more like having his hair dye plus a Mani and Pedi, or whatever the stylist would suggest he can do. In short, I’ll be having one but he’ll have 3🤐🤫.

So recently, we’ve been invited by Cre8 Salon for the Grand Opening of their Zabarte Branch in Novaliches Quezon City. It’s our first time to actually be invited for a Salon opening, and try their services. I don’t know but 8 has been our lucky number ever since. And we were so glad to be part of the Grand Opening for one of the 32 branches of Cre8 Salon PH which is their 11th branch in Quezon City. For sure a lot of us have already seen this huge scissors with a large # 8 with a crown logo of this salon. I myself whenever I saw any branch of Cre8 Salon it never fails to catch my attention because of that huge scissors✂.

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It was last Sunday, July 21, 2019, the Salon that keeps on  #Cre8ingHappiness has finally arrived at Zabarte area in Novaliches Quezon City. They’ve already had there soft opening 2 weeks ago, and now they’ve officially welcomed Zabarte peeps into their new home.


When we arrived at the location, just before we step out of the car, we were already greeted by their staffs who welcome us with their candid smiles. Can I just say that I really love the way this establishment welcomes their guest, from the receptionist to their staff, to their stylists, and their owner. We’ve already visited a lot of different Salons in the Metro, even tried the expensive ones and those Salons that are located in huge malls but they’re missing that welcoming feel, (especially if you didn’t dress well🙄). That’s why we were so grateful to be invited here. Their hospitality was superb💯. I even had the chance to have a photo opp with the beautiful Ms. Ma. Angela Santiago, Founder, and Finance Director of Cre8 Salon. The kindness and hospitality of all the people that complete this branch are extraordinary.

with Ms. Ma.Angela Santiago, Founder, and Finance Director


Sorry for that lengthy narration of their hospitality I just can’t get over it🤭. Now let me get back to the salons Grand Opening, Business blessing, ribbon🎀 cutting, and a motorcade🏍️🚙🚘🚗 wraps-up the program proper. We’re not able to take photos on the motorcade and ribbon cutting as I was invited to proceed with my treatment.


Cre8 Salon is a full-service salon dedicated to providing high-end salon services at reasonable prices.

Salon’s stylists and staff are professionally trained and enjoy partnerships with L’Oreal and ORLY so that is based on their website 😉, but now they also have Luxliss Professional in their new line of products (you’ll see that as you enter Zabarte Branch).

Cre8 Salon is not your typical salon, you can be sure that the products they’ll provide you exceeds your expectation and for sure will give better or rather best results for their customers.

L’Oréal Professionnel and Luxliss Professional product
Service Menu for Cre8 Salon
OTC Menu Zabarte Branch
Polish your Skin by BCL Spa


One thing you’ll notice once you stepped into this branch is how huge their place is. As mentioned, we’ve been thru a lot of salons before due to my husband’s obsession with his hair, I can say this one’s bigger than others, they even have their own 2 separate comfort rooms for men and women, plus 3 other rooms as stock rooms and a pantry I supposed(wasn’t able to ask what’s the other room, as it’s for authorized personnel only). So can you imagine how huge their place is? Plus the fact that the place isn’t even crowded at all!🤩🤩🤩 Wow as in so W-O-W! They’ve even partitioned the place for hair services, Mani and Pedi, spa and a waiting area(see photos to appreciate😉). Sooo O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.

Cre8 Salon Zabarte Branch receiving area

Hair, Hair and Makeup Services

Spa Section


I’ve had a Luxliss Keratin Treatment and a haircut for my hair, an ORLY pedicure and a Foot Spa on our visit.

The Luxliss Keratin Treatment

This will be the first hair treatment I’ve had after I gave birth to my #ZekydGreat more than 2 years ago. I’ve been too busy being a Mom to 2 super kulit kids, too many workloads after I came back from Maternity leave, business management, blogging and taking care with a lot of things at the same time. I’m glad my husband agreed to cover this event for our blog. So Luxliss Keratin Hair Treatment features the following:

1.Botanical Ingredients

2.No irritations

3. Leave hair frizz-free & shine.

At first I was really clueless of what they’ll do to my hair, just to let you know I really don’t do much for my hair as I’m afraid something bad will happen, I’ve had a rebond before but that was way back 2010, so you can imagine what my hair looks like before the treatment😅😂. Thankful Kuya Leo reassures me it’ll be OK. See my before and after photo below. Check out my separate blog for my Luxliss Keratin Treatment experience.

before Luxliss Keratin Treatment by Cre8 Salon
After Luxliss Keratin Treatment by Cre8 Salon

The Foot Spa and Pedicure

Relaxing to the nth level. That’s how I will describe their foot spa. Not my first time having a foot spa, this is one of the many times I’m having this relaxation. So yes, I’ve tried different foot spa from different Spalon, but what makes their foot spa exceptional is how it is done, yes the person who did it makes it unusual. Plus their facilities. Thank you to “Ate” who did my spa and pedicure, but I am really sorry cause I forgot your name huhu😭😭😭. Check out my separate blog for my foot spa and pedi experience.

And because we’ve loved the experience so much, we feel so generous lately and we’re already preparing our VLOG for this XP which we’ll include for our first official Vlog since we’re extending our blogging journey to the next level, so please SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel.

And aside from that, because Cre8 Salon Zabarte Branch has been so generous to us as well, so we’re announcing that will be having a GIVEAWAY. Yes, yes, yes a GIVEAWAY ALERT🎁💝.

Announcement on how to join the giveaway will be done on our Facebook and Instagram account once we reached our 500 Likes on FB (15 more likes to go) and as a Thank you for reaching almost 5000 followers in IG. 3 bags of goodies for 3 winners is at stake, so keep on liking and following us. 

Check out our blog for:

The Luxliss Keratin Treatment

The Foot Spa and Pedicure

To experience exceptional happines. Here’s how you’ll get to the Happiness hub and Cre8 Happiness.

Cre8 Salon Zabarte Branch

Lot 40 Zabarte Road Brgy. Kaligayahan, Quezon City.

Tel. No.: 0917 6350 139 ; 02 9711012

Instagram: Cre8_Salon

Facebook: Cre8 Salon FB page

Locational Map of Cre8 Salon Zabarte Branch

Let’s all CRE8 Happiness and keep on sharing our experience.

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