[March 16, 2012]

03162012 #TeamRYCE at Enchanted Cave Bolinao

Now, this is another first time for us. Visiting a cave. There’s a lot of cave in Bolinao, but since the Enchanted cave was the one being suggested by the news report since it was discovered, I make sure this will be included in our Itinerary. Also, Manong driver promised us to be toured in all the famous tourist spots in Bolinao this is part of his list. He also mentioned that this is the most beautiful cave in their community. (After we’ve visited Enchanted Cave in 2012, we were also able to visit Cindy’s cave and I swear from my point of view, Enchanted Cave is still the winner for us).

When you enter the vicinity of the Enchanted cave you will be surprised that they have an ample parking space for all the tourist, well I think they have more than you can expect, well that was way back 2012. Why surprised? Because before you reached their gate, the track you will have to take was uneven, it was rocky, grassy, plants everywhere, it felt like you were really going to a hidden cave.

Going inside, we were really amazed because the place was really clean. It wasn’t concrete, it’s pure soil and sand. But they were able to keep the place clean and green. I was so happy that we still found a place like this. Clean, serene..so much peaceful. Especially that there are a few guests when we visit the place.

For the entrance fee, I think it is quite expensive then in 2012, 80 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for kids, but when I visit Cindy’s Cave this 2018, I know now that the entrance fee for this cave is cheaper considering their place, but note that my Erky is still a baby back then that’s why we don’t have to pay for him, free for kids 3 ft and below.

So for the amenities, they have a lot of Nipa huts for their shades, in all shapes and sizes.

Fits exactly for us. Shade for a small Family.
Shade for a small group of friends.
Shade for a small group of friends. #Modelling101
TeamRYCE enjoying the biggest Hut in the Enchanted Cave.
Shade for a large group of friends and families.

They have a garden and of course, a lot of trees that give a lot of shades in the place, that is why their space is really inviting and calming at the same time. For the trees itself, it was way too relaxing for us, I almost forgot the stress in my work.

One thing we really love here especially my son are the hammocks under the tree. Is there anything more relaxing than this?

my son who doesn’t want to leave anymore

In addition to their amenities is the ongoing construction of the falls and man-made swimming pool but with spring water. It was still not accessible in 2012 but I think it is fully functioning right now.

Overlooking deck on top of the falls where you’ll be able to see the full beauty of Enchanted Cave.

So now let’s get inside the famous cave in Bolinao, the Enchanted Cave.

Before going to the cave you will have to trek a couple of minutes. Please also note that you can’t go to the cave alone. A guide will be there with you before you enter the vicinity. The tour guide is also included in the entrance fee.

Getting in you will have to go downstairs as the cave is located below the ground. You have to take care of your steps as well as your head. The stair is a bit slippery and the rocks in the entrance is a bit low so if you’re a big guy you should make sure to bow your head or you’ll get a remembrance lump on your head.

Staircase going down the cave
Entrance at the Enchanted Cave. CAUTION: Low Beam

Upon entering the cave, you will be welcomed by a family of stalactites and stalagmites, which is as per Kuya Tour Guide is more than a hundred years already.

 stalactites and stalagmites

What is to love in the Enchanted cave was off course the crystal clear waters inside the cave. The water itself was not too cold nor too hot. That’s why we love this cave so much. The water is warm and very relaxing. And it feels very clean, compared to other caves in Bolinao.

crystal clear water inside the cave
Hubby excited to take a dip.

You don’t need to worry about the safety here because a lifeguard is always visible in the area. No one is allowed to take a dip without the lifeguard inside the cave. There is also a rope around the cave pool where everyone can hold to be safer. But you don’t need to worry because the cave pool is not too deep. In the pictures, my husband was almost sitting while walking.

hubby holding the rope while exploring the cave

no more fear!!!
another safety pre-caution is they’ve installed a fluorescent light inside the cave
hubby & me enjoying our well-spent vacation


Photo opp before leaving the cave.

This is our best cave experience so far, since 2012. I’ll be blogging about our Cindy’s cave tour in 2017 and you’ll be the judge.

Stairs going inside and out of the cave.
Loving the nature view.
Leaving, but will surely come back.

That’s all for our Enchanted cave adventure. We hope you find our blog about Enchanted cave enchanting. This is the best cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan so far. Well maintained and the people including our guide is amazing. Kudos to our Kuya Tour Guide, apologies as I forgot your name already as it was more than 6 years ago.

You may check out their Facebook page at Enchanted Cave Resort.

Travel Happy, Travel far and be happy with your family.