Whenever we go on an out of town trips we make sure we visit a church first before enjoying our tour for a safer and more relaxed feeling. It’s part of our family’s legacy. So whenever I look for a place to explore anew, I make sure to look out for the nearest church or parish on our desired tourist spot to visit.

In Bolinao, Pangasinan there is one famous and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines that was built 408 years ago. The St. James The Great Parish located in Don Alonzo Ponce, Bolinao, Pangasinan.

St. James The Great Parish, 1609

The church was located almost in front of Bolinao’s Townhall and near the marketplace.


It’s just sad that we weren’t able to attend the mass the time we’re in Bolinao as it was an early afternoon when we get there, so no mass for us. So we just pray for a while and ask for safety for our travel.

The History of St. James Parish
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The rustic look of this church is so inviting and makes me love our countries colorful history even better. It just feels so amazing that the people from 400 years ago were able to build a structure as sturdy as this one. #WowPhilippines

A golden aged legacy it is.