This will be the very first official blog that I was able to write since I’ve planned to work on blogging.

After years of planning finally, I was able to have extra time to create my very first official blog.

Though since I was a kid it was my passion writing and reading, from scrap to diaries to everything only now did I get extra time for this.

I hope that I’ll be able to make a lot of blogs in the future.




It was just another day after my graveyard shift on a Saturday morning and it just felt so hot and I can feel the terrible effect of global warming. And so I’ve decided to check on +Ensogo Philippines deals and see if I could find any cool travel deals where we can spend the weekend. And since it was me and my husband’s monthsary on the following day the 6th of April.

Upon browsing, I saw this deal which won’t take a lot of time to travel as it was just the opposite side of Quezon City I supposed, it was just in Manila near and walking distance Luneta Park where my son’s always happy to see the children’s playground…and of course! I wouldn’t grab the deal if it doesn’t have a swimming pool and the complimentary breakfast and of course, it’s for an overnight stay.

I would also like to say a special thank to this hotel as they have allowed us to check in the same day we purchase the voucher, even if we haven’t take a prior booking for as to the deals terms & conditions it is needed to pre-book: 7 days in advance.

escape kit

Overnight Superior Room accommodation for 2 persons

Plated breakfast for 2 persons

Unlimited access to the swimming pool

The Reception:

On our arrival, we were welcomed with their not so big reception but I can say that it was well maintained and super clean. And of course I wouldn’t forget their very accommodating and friendly staff; from the receptionist to their servers I would give them a 2 thumbs up!

The Pearl Manila Reception
Restaurant Cafe

And we have our welcome drinks, 2 glass of ice tea+2 bottles of mineral water

The Room:


We had the superior room which has a queen-size bed which makes it really comfortable for us 3.

The room is really big, which has a big cabinet,

a personal refrigerator,

a table and a chair,

a cable TV, though the wifi is not accessible in our room.

A super clean Comfort room, which has a LOT OF TOWELS, I think it was 4-5 clean towels, they were really generous on towel as they still give us another towel when we took a night swimming when I ask if they could provide one as I was only able to bring 1 towel for us 3 on the pool area.

The 2 pairs of cute Pearl Manila Slippers, good thing because we forgot to bring our own slippers.

Oh, and before I forgot, I like it that they have a safety box in our room.

And of course, the complimentary shampoo, a pair of toothbrush and toothpaste, a lotion, cotton buds +head cap and the cute shell-shaped soap.

Hot and cold shower.

The Food:

The plated breakfast you have 2 option whether you’d go for Americano or Filipino breakfast, my husband choose Filipino breakfast as he’s meal won’t be complete without rice, then I’d go for Americano.

Americano; a cup of coffee with another cup of milk as your creamer, choice of pineapple or orange juice, bacon, toasted bread, a breakfast cereal with overloaded milk, plus the sunny side up egg

Filipino; cup of coffee with another cup of milk as your creamer, choice of pineapple or orange juice, fried rice, daing, plus the sunny side up egg.

Plated Breakfast

But note that they have other options than that of what I’ve enumerated, above will be the meal we choose for the day. And also note that our breakfast is included in the package, so all in all the breakfast is great.

For lunch, on our arrival, since it was already 3pm and we haven’t eaten our lunch yet we decided to check on their resto’s menu. And since my Momon (my husband) is really hungry we ordered for their Crispy Pata which took a little bit too long to be served but when we saw the server on the way to our table and when he served the food on our table we just can’t help but say, “now we know”. The minutes we’ve waited is all worth it. The crispy pata was really really GOOD!. It was so crispy, looks really fresh and the serving was really generous. Actually we 3 weren’t able to eat everything and so we requested to take it to our room. And to add up, the rice was soooo good too, taste like a freshly harvested grains. And the price I think it’s just right.

Crispy Pata to come back for.

The Pool Area: The pool is really normal not so big but what we like about it is they have a lot of trees in the pool area + on the right side of the pool area they have a very cozy landscape, since we are all nature lovers we really love that they have a lot of plants surrounding the area, even if you’re seeing high rise buildings all around, you will still have that relaxing feeling like you were not in the city anymore, it’s like you’ve really traveled somewhere else.

Swimming area @ night, overlooking Times Plaza building

The Building
The relaxing view.

The pool area in the morning

All in all, we’ve really enjoyed our short and easy vacation, we haven’t traveled far, Erky(my son) did enjoy the pool and also our “pasyal”. Where we were also able to have a tour in Intramuros, Rizal Park and his favorite the Children’s playground.

I will be creating a different blog for our tourist-like tour in Manila. Please also check it out.

Btw: I think the deal is still on +Ensogo Philippines, below you’ll find the hotel’s details for your reference.

Location: Gen. Luna St. corner Taft & United Nations Ave., Ermita, Manila

The Pearl Manila Hotel Website